What is a Jimmy Jib?

A Jimmy Jib is a tripod and crane that can accommodate any type of camera and operate in most terrains. Forget the dolly and track system; that’s old-school, costly and inefficient. An imperfect dolly setup can jolt off the track and produce unprofessional footage. The Final Cut‘s jib avoids these perils and facilitates smooth and professional footage every time.

What’s special about The Final Cut‘s Jimmy Jib?

The Final Cut‘s Stanton jib system is a four-wheeled tripod, which provides greater safety and stability than the common three-wheeled models.

Unusual for a jib, The Final Cut‘s jib can be as small as one metre (great for compact projects) and can extend up to 12 metres (40 feet).

The jib also includes a 120 degree Dutch-Tilt Head—a moveable apparatus at the end of the crane arm that enables a greater range of smooth movement.

[strong]Jib specifications:[/strong]
  • Stanton brand
  • 4-wheeled tripod
  • Has an arm reach of 1 metre to 12 metres (40 feet)
  • Includes 120 degree Dutch-Tilt Head
  • Captures photos and video
  • Clearcom talkback system

Jimmy Jib Operation and Hire

Normally The Final Cut would operate and swing the jib for the safety of your guests.

However, “dry hire” of the jib (without the operator) can be accommodated in some circumstances. Either way, the Jimmy Jib is the perfect tool to add production value to your shoot.

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